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Capitol Hill Neighborhood

Capitol Hill is the epitome of 21st century Seattle: young, high-tech and culturally adventurous. It’s the epicenter of coffee culture, home to clubs that spawned the grunge movement, and the site of some of Seattle’s biggest events, like Block Party and the Pride Parade. While it’s simply home to many, it’s also one of the hottest nightlife neighborhoods and has a long list of things to do, from visiting beautiful Volunteer Park to going to the Seattle Asian Art Museum, to dining or hanging out at a microbrewery.


Capitol Hill blends into stodgier, older and hospital-dominated First Hill to the south, with Madison the approximate southern boundary. To the west Interstate 5 provides a barrier between the Hill and downtown. In the north, Highway 520 marks a distinct boundary. To the east, you could make a case for 19th or 23rd/24th being the formal border.

Public Transportation

Capitol Hill is served by numerous bus lines. A streetcar line runs in nearby First Hill and there’s a light rail stop in the neighborhood, too, at 140 Broadway. The light rail is an increasingly good way to get around town or to the airport as stops are expanding.

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