Resident FAQ


How do I pay monthly rent?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month. It is considered late if received after 9:00am on the 4th of the month. You can deliver rent in one of three ways:

-Send your check by mail to the following address:

     {Your Apartment Name}

     PO Box 18379

     Seattle, WA 98118

-Set up a monthly automated payment through your bank. (Contact your bank for automatic bill-pay instructions.) Please do not wire funds directly.

-Leave your check in your property’s Rent Collection Box (where available.)


How do I report apartment damage or request maintenance service?

Contact your building manager via our online Maintenance Request Form. Please be detailed in your description of the problem, and remember to include an ideal date/time range for maintenance staff to enter your unit.


What do I do in the event of illegal activity (i.e. ongoing noise, disturbances, or burglaries)?

For these matters, we advise that you contact the police directly. They will be able to handle these situations more efficiently, as well as ensure your safety. Afterward, please email the office details of the incident for our records. In the event of an emergency, dial 9-1-1. If you are not in direct danger, use the police non-emergency line:(206) 625-5011.


Where do I take my garbage, recycling, and food waste?

Each apartment has its own onsite depositary location. Garbage must be contained in a secure bag before disposal into the green bin. Recyclables may be deposited separately into the blue bin. For a full list of what constitutes garbage, recycling, and food waste, please refer to this chart.

During move-out, please refrain from leaving personal belongings or furniture next to the garbage bins. The city will not pick up any overflowing items, and you will be charged for additional dumpster services. Instead, schedule a pickup service with a donation company, such as The Salvation Army.


Can I reserve a parking spot?

Most of our buildings have onsite parking available for an additional monthly fee. We rent parking spaces on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please contact your building’s property manager to see what is currently available.


My lease expires next month. What are my options?

We are happy to renew your lease for an additional year, if desired. Please note that pending on market rates, your rent may increase at this time. Residents will be served a 30-day or 60-day notice prior to the end of their lease notifying them of any increase.

If you are vacating your apartment at the end of your lease, you are required by law to give 20-days’ written notice. Please send a letter or email expressing your intention to vacate along with your name, building, and apartment number. By the terms of your lease, you are also required to attend a final walk-through with your manager, during which time you will return your keys. Please review this page for additional instructions regarding Move-Out.


Who pays for utilities?

All rental rates include a flat utility fee which covers water, sewer, garbage, and gas (if applicable.) As a resident, you are responsible for paying electric bills. An electric account must be established in your name on your move-in date, and the first bill should arrive within two months. Please check your mailbox regularly to ensure you do not miss a bill!

For instructions on how to open your electric account, please visit Seattle City Light.

Residents are also responsible for initializing cable, internet, and phone services at their discretion.


How do I receive a package at the building?

Packages delivered through USPS may be placed in the building lobby or near the mailbox area. If an alternative delivery service (such as FedEx or UPS) is unable to enter, they may contact you through the building intercom. If you are not available, they will leave a note on the front door informing you of their attempt to deliver and with further instructions. Milestone is not responsible for lost or stolen packages, so please take care to retrieve your mail promptly.